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Welcome To MEECO Technologies Inc.

We are your one stop commercial HVAC contractor across Greater Toronto Area.

MEECO Technologies Inc has served the Industrial, commercial, and residential sectors worldwide since 1994 and served across Ontario since 2014.

Our core services include HVAC, plumbing and drainage, fire protection, water treatment, and upgrading/retrofitting of heat pump, furnace, boiler, air conditioner, chiller/cooling tower, and rooftop units.

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Harry Oliver,

CEO of Steeler Industrial

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Our goal is to create sustainable buildings while conserving resources and ensuring that they are conducive to human health as well as productivity. We do this by ensuring that our designs combine environmental, social and economic factors.
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Over 25 Years of Worldwide Experience

MEECO Technologies Inc. has a strong background in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services with over 25 years of worldwide experience in Industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. We are committed to providing the most cost-efficient engineering package to be delivered on-time and on-budget to meet our clients’ needs.
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Wide Range Of Services

We are specialists in the field of Mechanical, HVAC Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Modeling, and Project Management services. We customize and execute our services to all Industrial, Commercial, and Residential projects.

MEECO’s Engineers prepare HVAC System Solutions that is customized to meet our clients need that maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes construction cost.

At MEECO,  we have a client first attitude.
Our success goes on to prove that we are truly committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Our Teams

The team has consulted on a number of new development projects in New York. They offer guidance on navigating all stages of development.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.

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