Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

MEECO provides al types of installation, maintenance, and repair services


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Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Rooftop heating and cooling HVAC units is common with commercial structures. For a prolonged lifespan and flawless performance of these units a regular and professional maintenance and repairs is a vital protocol.

At MEECO, our professional HVAC installation and repair team is available for all your commercial heating and cooling needs. Our aim is to ensure that your unit is always functioning at its best.

Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation

At MEECO, our fully licensed and well-trained technicians are available to satisfy all your commercial rooftop unit installation needs in Toronto, GTA and suburbs. Your work will be handled on the same day with care and due diligence. Rest assured that we offer quality services as we are committed to excellence and exceptional workmanship in any season and under any condition.

There are different types and models of commercial rooftop units. To make sure you are matched with the right unit and model, we will assess your building structure with care and examine your seasonal needs before recommending an appropriate heating and cooling system.

We will provide you with consultation regarding single and multi zone heating, cooling and/or ventilation unit and will provide you with the one that would be the best fit for your business. Choosing the right rooftop unit/system is important as it can save money on your bills.

BOSCH 96% Efficient Buderus SSB Light Commercial Boilers

BOSCH Gas Tankless Water Heaters ProTL Series

BOSCH GB162 Gas Condensing Boiler

Rheem Performance Power Direct Vent 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater


Rheem Professional Classic Plus Series: Powered Damper


Rheem Professional Prestige Series Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation, Service, and Repair

MEECO Commercial Services: Installation, maintenance & Repair

At MEECO, our dedicated, professional, well-trained, and fully licenced team is always ready to provide a unique and high-quality service to customers anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and suburbs.

We take pride in providing all types of installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial rooftop units for many industries and businesses. We provide commercial and industrial services to businesses in every industry, such as hotels and recreational facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government buildings.

After the installation of your commercial HVAC unit, we will provide you with routine and scheduled inspection and maintenance. Our scheduled in-depth unit inspection takes place every six months where we monitor your HVAC system to guarantee continuous optimum performance. 

In case your HVAC unit requires any service, repair or maintenance, our professional technicians will take care of that for you after the scheduled inspection is complete.

Our Services At A Glance

This is a brief of some of the services that we provide:

Below is a reminder of the heating services that we provide for commercial HVAC systems:
At MEECO, our expert and professional HVAC technician team are capable to work on any type of commercial HVAC system. We perform commercial heating maintenance and repair on commercial furnaces, commercial boilers, repairing and/or replacing any mechanisms that require commercial furnace or commercial boiler repair.
Solutions 1
Solutions 2
Solutions 3

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Our Services At A Glance

One of the main responsibilities of a property manager is fulfilling the property’s heating and cooling needs with the best possible option.

If you need any advice or guidance on the best solution to heat up your property, call MEECO. Our expert technicians are available to assist you 24/7.

For heating an industrial area, its recommended that you look for a highly qualified heater with multiple potentials and capacities.

If you like to learn more about your options, contact our fully qualified licensed technicians to guide you in your decision-making process.

Are you looking for a heating device that is highly qualified and ‎economically beneficial?
Our team in Customer Service can help.

We will guide you through this process step by step and ensure the services you require are provided accordingly.

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